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7 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland. In popular culture, cannabis consumption is often synonymous with smoking. Marijuana use tends to bring to mind a pipe, a bong, or — most likely — the archetypal “joint.” But smoking isn’t for everyone. Many people, especially older folk, associate traditional pills, capsules, and tablets as the way treatment is given. They prefer that method, and have difficulty associating smoking as medicinal. Even when that’s the case, there’s an option for everybody!

Here are several other methods for consuming cannabis without smoking.


From the iconic “pot brownie” to THC-infused gummies and lemonades, edibles (“medibles”) are a potent and powerful way to consume cannabis without smoking.

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Pills, capsules, and tablets

Medical cannabis pills, capsules, and tablets allow for precise dosing, without the calories or cooking of edibles. A traditional way of taking medication, it is often an attractive option for those who view medicinal marijuana with skepticism and abhor the idea of smoking. Talk to your doctor or budtender about what might be right for you. Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland. Where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland

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Cannabis powder is a form of powdered THC that can be easily dissolved in water much like a sports supplement. Precise, easy, and has a much quicker onset than traditional edibles.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches allow cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Good for extended release, they can be removed if side effects occur.

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Vaping heats up cannabis to a level that releases cannabinoids and other compounds into the air, producing a vapor which is then inhaled. There is no smoke, it’s more discreet and easier on the lungs, and can accommodate a wide range of products including oils, resin, and concentrates. Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland. Where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland

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A cannabis tincture is a concentrated extract made by soaking the flowers and/or leaves in a solvent like alcohol. Very discreet, it allows for precise dosing down to a single drop.

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Cannabis Topicals

Applied directly to the skin, cannabis balms, gels, salves and lotions can be used to treat pain, muscle aches and more. They do have a much lower bioavailability than other methods of ingestion, and should not produce a psychotropic effect.

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The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed

Smoking weed has a long history – there’s no doubt about that. Research suggests smoking cannabis has been around for at least 2,500 years. It was grown for grain and fiber but also for ritual, medical, and even recreational purposes.

Smoking is also the most commonly associated consumption method for the plant. Of course, smoking any substance comes with its own potential health risks. If there’s a way to mitigate risk, though, what’s the healthiest way to smoke weed?

The most common way consumers smoke cannabis is with a rolling paper to form a joint. Alternatively, some may use cigar wraps to roll a larger amount of weed at once into what’s called a blunt. Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland

Small glass pipes are another convenient option, and they’re simple for new consumers to use. Often considered a step up from standard pipes, many consumers will use a bong or water pipe when smoking. Bongs use water to filter cannabis smoke, leading some users to prefer them for a cleaner, less harsh (and potentially larger) inhale.

So, which way is the healthiest way to smoke weed?

Is Smoking Weed Less Healthy?

There are potentially several harmful effects that can come from smoking cannabis. However, research on the subject is mixed, and results are often inconclusive or inconsistent. That inconsistency is significant in part due to the fact that many cannabis smokers also smoke tobacco. It can then become challenging to disentangle the two for genuine results.

Some research suggests that regularly smoking cannabis may cause airway injury. That can lead to symptoms similar to chronic bronchitis in some smokers. On the contrary, cannabis also demonstrates an acute bronchodilator effect, which may relieve asthmatic symptoms. Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland

A significant factor in play is how frequent of a cannabis consumer the individual is. Regular, chronic, and long-term consumers may be more prone to negative symptoms. As with all things in life, it seems moderation may be the key.

Overall, regular cannabis use has a significantly lower risk of complications compared to tobacco smoking. So, if you’re looking to smoke weed in a healthier way, do ensure you’re not also smoking tobacco. This may be your sign to quit the habit!

Different Ways to Smoke Weed Compared

Are you new to cannabis or unfamiliar with all the methods out there? There are several common ways to smoke pot.

Many consumers use pre-rolls, blunts, spliffs, or classic joints. Consumers also smoke out of pipes, bongs, and other pieces in various materials, including glass, wood, metal, and silicone.

There are even dry herb vapes one can use to consume cannabis. While it vaporizes the flower instead, it still leaves toasted bud at the end. It serves as a potentially safer alternative than combusting the flower, since vaping happens at a lower temperature.

If you have cannabis concentrate instead of flower, consumers might use a dab rig or other popular method.

The Safest Way to Smoke Weed

While anecdotal, there may be some science behind using bongs or other water pipes for a safer inhale. These water pieces may be the healthiest way to smoke weed before getting into vaping instead.

As water filtration devices, bongs can cool and filter smoke before inhalation. The process may reduce the inhaled smoke’s temperature, potentially making it less harsh on the lungs. Bongs do still involve cannabis combustion, but the water filtration aspect may reduce some of the harmful substances inhaled. Buy Weed Online Switzerland Buy cannabis online switzerland where to get weed online in switzerland Order thc carts online switzerland

Dry herb vaping may be even safer than bongs. Vaping cannabis may reduce exposure to several toxins. In fact, it avoids the production of harmful combustion byproducts, such as tar and other toxic substances, altogether.

Vaping flower may also reduce carbon dioxide output, as well as lessen various chronic respiratory symptoms. It does this while producing similar subjective intoxicating effects. As a result, dry herb vaping may reduce harm, especially among chronic cannabis smokers.

Cleanest Way to Smoke Weed: Do Strains Matter?

To learn the best ways to smoke marijuana, one must first understand what it takes to find a reliable product. When it comes to the health implications of smoking, does the strain you smoke matter? Does it impact your health if you choose indica vs sativa?

In short, the strain choice may matter, but not for your health. Whether the strain is labeled an indica or sativa does not affect whether the strain is healthier than another to smoke. These terms are often used in reference to potential effects. But even then, these terms are often inaccurate for describing effects, which are better explained by the various terpene and cannabinoid profiles present in different cannabis strains. The effects of a strain may also vary based on an individual’s unique biochemistry and tolerance.

While strain classification may have some relevance in terms of effects and flavors, it’s not a significant cleanliness factor. Strain name does not determine how safe or clean the product is.

Instead, consumers should focus on an individual strain’s safety testing for impurities and pesticides. There are several reasons consumers should research a strain before smoking it.

The primary concern is product quality, which means understanding the rigorous safety testing it should undergo.

Research indicates that some cannabis is contaminated with microorganisms, including molds, yeasts, and pathogenic bacteria. Likewise, cannabis products risk pesticide contamination. Contamination can occur at any production stage.

It’s essential to source cannabis and cannabis products from reputable producers and licensed dispensaries. These sources should prioritize quality control and safety testing above all else.

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