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How To Tell If Weed Good Quality: 10 Tips

Buy Weed Online In Split Buy weed online Europe Weed for sale online Split Buy cannabis online Split Where to get marijuana online Split. Knowing the difference between good quality and bad-quality weed is essential. Your health and experience are at stake. Poor quality weed can often contain pesticides, chemicals, or even mold that we should never inhale. Plus, who wants to smoke ditch weed? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t either. So, without further ado, here’s how to tell if you’re smoking A1 kush.

The Importance Of Knowing Good Quality Weed

It’s important to know the difference between good quality weed and bad quality weed. If you smoke bad quality weed you can really hurt yourself.

Look For Crystals

Great weed will have crystals. When your bud is frosty with teenie white little prongs and shimmering crystals, you know it’s good quality. These are the most common indicators of good weed. That’s because the more crystals you see, the higher the THC content.

A Bud’s True Colors

Cannabis has a spectrum of colors.

The most common colors of good quality weed are:

  • Green/dark green
  • Orange hues
  • Purple hues

What we want to steer clear of is mold indicators or chemical-ridden buds that are:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black

Smoking weed that’s any of these three colors can be detrimental to your health.

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Amber Trichomes Mean Business

One way to tell if your weed is good quality and ready to smoke is its trichome color and count. When there’s an abundance of brown, orange, or amber hairs, the plant is mature and good to go. If your plant has trichomes that are lighter in color, chances are the plant isn’t as mature as it could have been. The result is a bit harsher smoke with a decreased cannabinoid content.

Sticky Icky Icky

Weed should be a good mix of not too wet and not too dry. It should be a bit sticky, though. If weed is too dry, it will burn too fast. Additionally, sticky weed means there’s a higher cannabinoid content because the buds contain more resin. In layman’s terms, that just means it’s good shit. Make sure you store your weed properly to prevent it from drying out. Check out this article on how to store your weed.

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Pick Out The Seeds & Stems

Before you do that, remember that good-quality weed shouldn’t have a lot of seeds and stems in the first place. There should be the bare minimum of stems holding the bud together, nothing more. When it comes to seeds, you shouldn’t see any in your buds. If they had been grown and cared for properly, all seeds would have been removed. Buy Weed Online In Split Buy weed online Europe Weed for sale online Split Order cannabis online Split Where to get marijuana online Split

Well-Grown Weed Is Well-Trimmed

Although this doesn’t really affect the quality of your weed, it just means it wasn’t grown with a lot of care. It’s best to avoid growers and brands that often leave a pile of shake at the bottom of the jar. Plus, all that extra shake and loose leaves don’t contain much THC and other cannabinoids.

High-Quality Weed Stinks…Heavenly

Take a sniff; what do you think? The distinct smell of cannabis should have a fresh spunkiness. Really dank bud might even smell through the bag. Bunk weed smells like hay, so avoid it and remember, if it doesn’t smell like weed, don’t smoke it.

Terpenes Are The Name Of The Game

Buy Weed Online In Split Buy weed online Europe Weed for sale online Split Order cannabis online Split Where to get marijuana online Split. Great weed will be rich in aromatic and flavorful terpenes. These compounds provide each strain with its unique flavor and aroma. Also, terpenes contribute to the entourage effect, which enhances your high and adds to the entire cannabis experience.

If your weed is good quality, it will have distinct smells like:

Spider Mites

Beware of spider mites! Does your weed have little cobwebs and/or tiny white dots?

Pull those spider mites off immediately! These pests are:

  • Common on bad quality weed
  • Eating away at your buds
  • Gross

The Experience

Is your weed good quality? You be the judge of that. Most of the time, our experience tells us if our weed is good quality or not. When you’re not sure about trichomes, cannabinoids, and all that jazz, ask yourself, “am I high?” You can also do a self-examination from head to toe, noticing if you have any symptoms like:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety

While some of these symptoms are present in good-quality weed, you know you’re smoking bush when these symptoms repeatedly occur.

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